Destination Unknown

It’s not long now before I take the big leap back home to the UK by myself.  I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and this is no exception. There’s a whole bunch of different feelings and emotions that I have been experiencing over the last month. Everything has changed and yet, I am more me than I have ever been.

Life is wide open now and that is quite a scary and daunting feeling after thinking I was going in a certain direction for such a long time. But do we ever really know where our final destination will be?

A couple of weeks ago I thought I was on the ‘Happily Ever After’ train but it turns out my ticket wasn’t validated and the next thing I knew I was being thrown off.

When I think about the future and what it has in store for me, I know exactly what I want and what I won’t settle for – in both my career and in future relationships. You know, it is quite an empowering position to be in and I have to admit that I am really enjoying the feeling.

With my eyes wide open and my heart a work in progress, I am going to grab the opportunities that come my way with two hands.

After all, life is short. Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Eat the cake.

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