Glow Getter

Give a woman the right highlight and she can conquer the world. A glowy makeup look is a non-negotiable in my daily makeup routine. Here are the products that can make the gorgeous, dewy, glowy look possible.


I have tried a lot of highlighters. Some worked and some didn’t. Then I discovered ICONIC LONDON’s illuminators and Prep, Set and Glow spray. These are essentials to get that glowing skin. When applying the illuminator, I pop it on the cheek bones, cupids bow and to the bridge of the nose. You only need a dab for a daily highlight and the bottles last for such a long time. No other highlighter that I have tried has ever given me the same finish to the skin. Let’s talk about the Prep, Set and Glow Spray! It is perfect for those summer nights to give your skin an extra dewy sparkle. ✨

A new product to my makeup bag this week is the L’Oreal Bonjour Sunshine skin embellisher. At the moment my skin isn’t tanned enough to wear this as a base. I have been using this as a liquid bronzer to contour the cheeks and around the forehead where the sun would naturally hit the skin. Buffing in a small amount applied to a brush gives the skin that stunning depth.

If liquid bronzer isn’t for you then the Max Factor powdered bronzer is a great alternative. It can be layered up depending on how much of a bronzed goddess you want to be. Again, I would apply this on the cheeks and in a C motion around my forehead.

If you’re looking for products to give you that glow then I would highly recommend these ones and all at an affordable price. You will not be disappointed.

*I am recommending these products because I want to. I have not been asked to by brands*

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