Table for One. Drinks for Two.

Six years later and I’m ticking the singles box again. As a woman in her late twenties who thought she was going to get married this year, you can imagine this ‘box’ was not where I thought my tick would be. Turns out, ticking that box is exciting.

But what does being single really mean?

Does it mean staying in on Saturday night drinking gin alone with only your TV remote for company? Does it mean putting on your highest pair of heels and dancing until the sun comes out with people you just met? Does it mean calling all of your friends to tell them all of your recent dating stories? Does it mean chewing your best pals ear off whilst you compare yourself to all of your married, couple friends? Does it mean not getting out of your pyjamas on a Friday whilst eating cold pizza with unwashed hair? Does it mean feeling super sexy and getting those butterflies from just a glance across the bar?

It means all of the above and then some. Insert the perfect Taylor Swift lyric here…

“I’m sorry, the old Rebecca can’t come to the phone right now. She’s dead.” ❤️

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