Going Nude

I have always been a nude nails kinda gal. A pink nude, a brown nude or just a plain nothing nude.

Here are some of my favourite nudes for this season.

Revlon 165 Romantique – The pinkest nude of the bunch. Two coats gives a really subtle splash of pink to your nails. Quite hard wearing with a top coat.

Essie Spaghetti Strap – One of the lighter nudes I have tried. Very natural looking with two coats and doesn’t really chip with a top coat.

Essie Touch Up – The darkest nude. Gorgeous deep pink. With two coats it looks quite purple. Long lasting and looks beautiful on.

Anny 500 Opalescent – My absolute favourite nude. It catches the light beautifully. Very long lasting and even when it chips you can’t see it. I can wear this for over two weeks and it still look fresh.

L’Oréal 116 Café De Nuit – The brownest nude. Beautiful beige natural colour and very long lasting with a top coat.

Sally Hansen 220 Café Au Lait – One of the more natural nude colours. Sally Hansen does great quality varnishes and this one is no exception.

All of these nudes are really subtle and last well with no chipping. Definitely a must have for the spring season. 💅🏼

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