What Is Love?

I have never been an advocate for or a believer in love at first sight. It is something I believe I have never experienced in the past. So let me ask you – what is love to you and how do you know when it’s right?

To me, love feels like home. It’s knowing that through it all that person will be there for you no matter what. It’s about being a best friend and smiling and laughing so much everyday that your cheeks hurt. It’s sharing your secrets and your fears. It’s about compromise and supporting one another to achieve your dreams. It’s about making new dreams together. It’s constantly finding yourself thinking about him and your heart skipping a beat at every thought.

Tomorrow marks 3 months since my ex began the process of breaking off our engagement. It might not sound like a long period of time but it is all the time I needed to see that what I believe love is wasn’t the same for him. Isn’t hindsight a beautiful thing…

‘When you know, you know!’ – a phrase that I never believed in. Until perhaps now.

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