It’s Not You

This is dedicated to a friend. ❤️

Heart break. One day your partner is there and the next day they aren’t. No warning. No signs. Nothing. After years of loving someone with all your heart, making their family yours, compromising by moving jobs or cities – tell me why some people think that’s OK?

You go round and round every detail, every disagreement, every argument and you just can’t understand why they walked away. You were fair. You listened to them. You wanted to make them happy.

Right now, nobody can say anything to make it better even though you know they are trying to help. All you keep thinking is ‘What did I do wrong?’ It takes a strong and honest person to self reflect and to question ones actions. Some can’t take responsibility and never think about how their actions left someone broken.

It’s a hard pill to swallow. It’s frankly s**t and it is going to hurt for a while. The rug was pulled from under you and you didn’t even get an explanation as to why.

If you’re reading this and this applies to you then just know it will get easier. When you’re ready, you will find someone who love you in a way you have never been loved. Then you’ll wonder where he has been your whole life.

Loads of love lady x

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