Blinkers Off

We have all been in relationships where we have had those blinkers permanently switched ON. You can’t see anything your friends or family are concerned about and you put up with whatever ‘it’ is because that’s just how ‘it’ is. It’s always only when you’re out of ‘it’ that you can really admit to it. So here I am…admitting to it and writing about how to help avoid it happening again.

By now, I am sure it is old news that I am very happy and loved up. It has been three months and I am enjoying all the beginning bits of a new relationship. But it’s easy to be all butterflies when it feels like this – you have to follow your heart and your head. (Romantic I know!)

1. Don’t forget who you are.

2. Your dreams are just as important as theirs.

3. If something isn’t working, talk about it. If talking about it doesn’t help then it’s not right.

4. Compromising is a two way street.

5. Be honest with yourself. Are you happy?

I can hold my hands up and say that I was guilty of overlooking all of the above in my previous relationship. 🙋🏽‍♀️

Blinkers off.

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