I Don’t Buy Clothes Anymore

For those who know me, the title of this blog post will come as an absolute shocker! I was always shopping, buying something new every weekend, constantly ordering off ASOS and always looking for my next purchase.

Over the past few months I have more than halved my wardrobe and I am not rushing to fill it up again.

Fat Face, White Stuff, Sea Salt, Joules, Boden and M&S are my firm favourites right now and are the only shops I tend to look in.

Having less in my wardrobe has made picking an outfit so much easier and I actually enjoy wearing the pieces I have. I have worn the same dress on 3 dates, worn the same top to coffee with friends over and over again and when I went away I hardly packed anything.

Additionally, I have been more conscious of quality vs quantity. I would rather save for a specific piece that is great quality than just go out and buy three pieces I might not want to wear in a few months time.

What are your shopping habits? 🤷🏽‍♀️

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Buy Clothes Anymore

  1. I’m the same, I love shopping on eBay and would find my self buying something almost everyday. I recently re-organised my wardrobe and now I find myself shopping from there, it’s liberating! Also, I now have more money to get never in the things I truly need.


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