Just A Date

Good morning everyone. I hope that you are all enjoying this cooler weather – I know I am! I have been a bit absent from blogging recently and for no reason other than I am just super busy and I guess I am just enjoying being away from social media. I apologise if this blog post is a bit chatty. I have missed you guys 💕

For those of you who are new to the blog, welcome & for those who are back, hey guys. Nice to see you. If you have been following my blogging journey you’ll know that this weekend coming up was the weekend I was supposed to be getting married. Luckily, I am not and for me, it is just a date.

Planning a wedding for it then to not go ahead is brutal. I’m not going to lie. Finding your dream venue, sending save the dates, buying the dress, finding a florist, a photographer, a band, a cake lady and the loss of monies is just devastating. (And the occasional wedding related email that pops up in your inbox. Ouch!) However, my ex calling off our engagement was quite simply the best thing that ever happened to me. I am a stronger and more determined woman because of it all but I have also learnt to let down my guard, be softer and more open with my boyfriend and to love in a way I have never felt before.

The whole experience hasn’t put me off the idea of getting married and to be honest is now just something that I take in my stride. I don’t ever really think about it. It is just something that happened but it will never define me or my view on relationships.

This weekend I am going to Devon with my two best friends for a few girly nights away and I cannot wait. It is just what I need 🍾 X

4 thoughts on “Just A Date

  1. This post is amazing babe and you are such a strong and gorgeous woman! So happy for you now, you deserve all the happiness! All the love 💚xx

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  2. You are a strong beautiful woman and your ex I’m sure didn’t deserve you. Life is full of these challenges and how we keep going shapes who we are. You should be so proud of all you are and know you deserve only the best ❤️ Lots of love xx

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