3 Top Tips for Creating Content

I have been blogging and creating content now for five months and I have learnt so so much along the way that I thought I would share my 3 top tips with you guys.

Confidence: Publishing and pushing out my first blog post was terrifying. Even if you only tell your closest friends and family about it, your thoughts are there online for everyone to read, judge and comment on. After I started my blog I then began to create content on Instagram and then my following started growing organically. You might be thinking about starting a blog but you are worried about what people might say or how it might be received. My advice to you is just have the confidence to be yourself. Be honest and authentic and believe in what you are writing about.

Planning and organisation: Get a blogging planner! Honestly, this was a game changer for me. Coming up with topics on the spot when you are feeling uninspired or demotivated is just so hard. Plan out what you want to write about and when you want to push your posts out. I do exactly the same for my Instagram feed using an app called ‘Preview’. It allows you to see your feed and organise your content before it goes live. Such a time saver.

Deal with it: Not everyone is going to be your biggest fan. This is something I absolutely knew when starting out blogging and creating content. People I actually knew unfollowed me and that is absolutely OK. I would describe myself as quite a strong woman and I am someone who just gets on with life when s**t happens. The social media world can be brutal and to be honest you just have to deal with it. Sometimes I will take breaks from social media, sometimes I will write a blog post that I won’t perhaps publish or I will just pour myself a gin and carry on. So whatever works for you. 💗

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