Five Fave Apps

I have never really been one for keeping up with the latest trends in apps but I have definitely found a few firm favourites recently. There’s a bit of a mixture in here so maybe you’ll find some you will want to try out. X

Flo – I very recently switched to Flo from another app to track my cycle and I love it. You can track your symptoms in a month, set up daily reminders to take your contraceptive pill, track your ovulation and pregnancy and read articles appropriate for the type of cycle you have. It is super easy to use and has a nice interface and design.

Questions Diary – this app sends you a question a day for you to answer. It gives you the opportunity to reflect daily and record your thoughts. I have been using this for two weeks and I really enjoy answering the daily question. You can also set a reminder on your phone to answer at a time that suits you.

Preview – I have been using this since I have been uploading content to Instagram. It allows you to arrange photos on your feed, edit your feed and schedule them to go live before you publish your photos. This app has really helped me to organise my social media.

Snapseed – one of the best apps I have used for editing photos. It has excellent filters and so many tools including ‘Glamour Glow’ and ‘HDR-scape’. Definitely one of my favourite apps to use. I have had spent so much time playing around with different settings on this app and I love it.

Google Keep – I love a list! I have so many different types of lists and this app is the perfect place to keep them all together. Lists are displayed as post-it notes, you can upload photos and you can also store voice notes too. Such a perfect organising tool.

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