High Street vs Online

It’s no news that shopping habits of the British public have changed drastically over the years. Instead of shopping until we drop, we now can shop in the comfort of our own homes with our feet up on the sofa and order everything we need with one click of a button. But is the convenience of this online shopping world favoured by all?

When I was younger I spent all my hard earned waitressing money on clothes. As a teenager I would head into town and hit the high streets…every weekend. As an adult, I still do trip out to the shops on the high streets but my shopping habits have changed for lots of different reasons.

My priorities are different. I did the biggest clear out ever after I moved back to the UK from Munich and I donated pretty much half my wardrobe to the local charity shops. I wanted to start a fresh and to be honest, I realised I didn’t need that many dresses, jumpers and tops! When you have pieces in your wardrobe that you hardly ever wear, why are they in there?

When looking for new pieces for my ‘less is more wardrobe’, I took to Ebay and Amazon. Both are one stop shops. They sell pretty much everything including the weird and the wonderful. When I buy clothes on Ebay, my personal preference is to buy items that are brand new with tags to grab a bargain. I also buy a lot of my makeup and bits and bobs on Ebay and Amazon. In addition to saving the pennies, it saves a lot of time too! Next day delivery? Yes please!

Whilst all of the above are time and money savers, it does make me feel guilty about what is happening with the high street shops and the employees that are constantly losing their jobs due to stores closing. Will there come a time when there will no longer be shops on the high streets? I really do think that there is something to be said about the ‘experience’ of shopping – grabbing a coffee and a spot of lunch and browsing the shops. Sometimes all you need is a bit of actual retail therapy. Who is with me?

Finally, as a creator, I have had the chance to work with clothing brands big and small and it is fascinating to see how they use #influencers to help their products sell. This approach is still fairly new to the online retail world and a model that isn’t transferable to the high street. But will the social media world of buying and selling ever go out of fashion?

High Streets vs Online. What is your preference?


2 thoughts on “High Street vs Online

  1. Couldn’t agree more, sometimes actual retail therapy is needed! I prefer to shop online because I’m 4ft 11 and the petite sections in the shops just aren’t there 😦 I do however buy Christmas presents from independent smaller businesses to try and do my bit!


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