May Favourites


Good afternoon lovely people. I hope that you are all OK. Someone suggested doing a favourites posting each month. I can’t promise one every month but I have certainly got a few favourites for May.


First up is Aveeno. This is hands down the best moisturiser I have ever used. I use this after showering every day and I love how it doesn’t have a scent. Sometimes I find scented moisturisers can be a bit overpowering. Perfect for every day.

Next up is the ‘Sleep Better Pillow Mist’ from Tisserand. I actually bought this a few months ago for my partner as he finds it difficult to get to sleep sometimes but we have both been using this recently. This dreamy blend combines 100% natural pure essential oils of soothing Lavender, warming Sandalwood and calming Jasmine. It has really helped us both to switch off before sleep.

Roku Gin. If you love gin then you need to try this one! This is one of my new favourite gins (as you can see by the almost empty bottle). This Japanese craft gin has a meticulous balance of flavours. I found this on their website which I thought might be helpful if you want to know what it tastes like.

Nose : Cherry blossom and green tea provide a floral and sweet aroma.
Palate : Complex, multi layered, yet harmonious flavour of various botanicals. Traditional gin taste in the base, plus characteristic Japanese botanical notes with yuzu as the top note. Smooth and silky texture.
Finish : The crisp Japanese sansho pepper brings a little spiciness to the finish.

To go alongside the Roku Gin, I bought this lovely tin of botanicals and spices from Amazon as a gift for my other half for our anniversary. It comes with 19 ingredients including orange and lemon peel, juniper berries, allspice, rose petals, fennel seeds, cardamom, coriander, pink peppercorn, lemon grass, coffee beans and many more. The tin also comes with recommended recipes to help you zhuzh up your gin.

I am a big fan of a nude nail and that classic look. My favourite nude recently ran out and I can only get it again from Germany so I was on the lookout for a new shade. I found ‘Such A Re-Leaf’ by Nails Inc and I am in love. It is the perfect nude and layers up well.

Continuing on with the subject of hands and nails, with all of this hand washing I am sure we are all in the same boat with how dry and painful our hands have become. I  wanted a moisturiser that was affordable or every day use. Neutrogena Hand & Nail did not disappoint. I found this on Amazon and it’s been amazing after every hand wash. It isn’t sticky or too oily which I can’t stand.

For those days at home when you can’t be bothered but feel like you should try and make some sort of an effort, Glow Cherie by L’Oreal is my go-to glow. I have been using this for months now and I can’t recommend it enough. Good job I have a spare because the in the photograph has definitely been very loved!

Finally, as a new runner I wanted some good headphones that would stay in my ears. I found these over the ear ones from JVC and tried them out yesterday. They are super comfortable and the sound is great. I am one happy customer!

Two more things that aren’t in the photograph – the books ‘The Librarian of Auschwitz’ by Antonio Iturbeand ‘The Cows’ by Dawn O’Porter have been two great reads this month that I have really not been able to put down. When it comes to TV, we binge watched Ozark and I have just started Desperate Housewives again from the start.

Happy Sunday everyone ❤️

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