Typology Skincare

Happy Sunday guys. I hope you have all had a lovely day in the sunshine. I decided to write a blog post about a skincare brand I am loving at the moment. It is no news that I am a bit of a skincare junkie and recently I was kindly sent some beautiful products from Typology. There is no obligation to write this blog post – I just have to share with you how fantastic these products are.

Here are all of the products and some information about each of them and how and when I use them for glowing skin.

Organic sweet almond vegetable oil £13.80
Organic orange blossom hydrate £8.80

So first up are the almond vegetable oil and the orange blossom hydrate. The almond oil nourishes and protects the skin whilst the orange blossom revive’s radiance in your complexion. I use the almond vegetable oil for when I want lots of hydration as a tiny little drop is extremely nourishing. I probably use this once a week and try not to use too much at a time. I use the orange blossom more often, again using a tiny drop, but anything that promotes radiance….I am here for it. Both smell gorgeous and both are very affordable.

7-ingredient micellar water £12.80

I have used micellar water before but they were quite oily and I have had to wash my face after using every time. This bad boy on the other hand is nothing like my experiences of micellar water previously. It only has 7 ingredients in it and is 96% naturally derived. It doesn’t leave any residue on your skin after use and I don’t feel like I need to wash my face after using it. It leaves your face feeling refreshed and clean.

Hydrating Serum
3% Hyaluronic Acid + 2% B5 £19.80

I had heard about hyaluronic acid before using this but I never really understood the benefits of using it. Apparently as we get older our bodies produce less hyaluronic acid which can lead to dryness and more of those fine lines on the skin’s surface. Using this on a daily basis creates a complexion that makes skin looked more toned and plump. Personally, I don’t use this every day. I use this twice a week in the evening before bed. It isn’t moisturising like a cream so I would wait for it to sink into my skin before using an oil or a cream afterwards.

Radiance serum 11% Vitamin C £11.80

Vitamin C is a game changer. I have used it before in my skincare routine but this is the most concentrated product I have introduced into my regime. I apply 3 to 4 drops to my skin straight after my shower in the evening three times a week. I have noticed my skin looks more glowy and radiant after using it for four weeks (which is when Typology say you will see a difference!) It smells delicious and it is such a great price for the concentration you get in this bottle.

Woman periodic serums (1&2) £44.90 for the set
Woman periodic serums (3&4) £44.90 for the set

I was so excited to receive these serums! Each serum meets the needs of your skin in your menstrual cycle. I have taken the description from the Typology website:

Week 1: Hydrating and soothing serum.
Main active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, bisabolol and cornflower floral water. 89% naturally-derived.

Week 2: Suppleness and radiance serum.
Main active ingredients: vitamin C and fruit acids (blueberry, lemon and orange). 88% naturally-derived.

Week 3: Hydrating and astringent serum.
Main active ingredients: sugar extracted from wheat and ginger extract. 91% naturally-derived.

Week 4: Mattifying and anti-blemish serum.
Main active ingredients: seaweed extract and zinc. 89% naturally-derived.

I have been through a full cycle and now I am half way through another and I apply the correct serum for the right week first thing in the morning before I go any makeup or other skincare. I have noticed less hormonal breakouts since using them – I would like to use them for a few more cycles before giving a full review. So far so good!

9-ingredient lip balm £9.80

This is the perfect lip balm for before bed. It stays in my little sea grass basket next to me and it is my go-to before I fall asleep. It is 99.8% naturally derived using only 9 ingredients and feels great.

If any of these products tickle your fancy, here is the link to the Typology website https://uk.typology.com/ The products are natural and vegan friendly and the packaging is amazing!

I hope that this was useful if you were looking for some new products to try out! (Details in photos are by Marc Mirren and Lavi and Belle which were kindly gifted to me) ❤️

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