How My Style Has Evolved

Good morning everybody. I hope that you are all well on this dreary Tuesday. The sun has disappeared yet again but I can’t say I am mad about it – I love the heat, but only when I have someone making me cocktails at a swim up bar.

I thought I would write a very simple blog post about how my style has changed and evolved over the past few years. There have been a number of different factors as to why and I wanted to chat about them.

Money. I was always really bad at saving and never thought it was as important as I now realise it is. I was throwing my money away on fast fashion and not really thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong – I still like to buy the occasional piece every now and again but I am a lot more conscious of investing into better quality items than an on-trend dress for one season.

Space. Honestly, it was ridiculous how many things I had that I would never pull out of my wardrobe and decide to wear. I kept picking out the same things over and over again. Now I have 1/2 of a rail for hanging clothes, a drawer for vest tops and tees, a drawer for jeans and trousers/skirts and a draw for jumpers – which is very empty at the moment which we will talk about in the next point. That is it and I am really happy that I have been able to condense my wardrobe down to that amount of space.

Impulse buys. This is a little similar to the first point but honestly my downfall was seeing the price of a jumper in F&F or Tu whilst out shopping and just grabbing it because it made me feel excited about having something new. Bloody jumpers! I have really stopped myself from doing this for the past few months and have thought carefully about my purchases. The three items of clothing I have purchased in the past month are my Jack Wills blazer which was an Ebay find, a cream fine knit jumper from ASOS and a black fine knit jumper from H&M. I bought these knowing that I would be able to wear them with all of the dresses I own, the blazers I have and they are items that won’t date. They may get worn out after a season of wearing and wearing but I am fine with that.

Staple pieces. I have always been a fan of prints and ditsy summer dresses. I mean who isn’t? However, it got to that stage where I had so many printed dresses and tops that I didn’t have anything that I could wear with them to transition them into a different season. I have started putting block colour pieces into to my wardrobe so that I can carry my prints through to autumn and winter. I also love to clash prints – over on my Instagram there have been a few styling posts recently where I have paired a red printed dress with a grey check blazer. It can work, you just need to have the right pieces.

Lifestyle. My lifestyle has changed dramatically over the last year. I used to live in the buzzing city of Munich where drinks after work and nights out were the norm.  Now, I enjoy the slower pace of life a lot more where those things will still happen but definitely not as often as they used to for me. I also wouldn’t say I have any ‘going out out’ type clothes. I would just wear something from my wardrobe and make it work.

Content Creating. Over the past year I have been fortunate enough to work with some beautiful brands who have kindly gifted me a lot of my staple pieces in my wardrobe. This is something I am very grateful for and definitely makes me think longer and harder about whether or not I need something else.

Sorry if this has been a bit of a rambly post but I thought it was quite interesting to share with you all how my style and my attitude towards my style has changed a lot over the past year.

Happy Tuesday again x

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