Big Plans

Good morning guys. I hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend! I am currently sat in bed with a cup of tea and I thought I would write a little update on my life blog post.

As you know, the mortgage meeting went very well and I will be a joint owner with Mr RV in no time. It has been such an exciting process for me as I have never been a home owner before! In my previous relationship, I lived with ex fiancée in his house before moving to Munich where we rented. Before I met Mr RV I had no other option but to move in with my parents whilst I found my feet again. We used to do just weekends and the odd weekday but when lockdown happened, it seemed right to stay put.

Our little home is a bungalow and is a very modern design. The photograph below shows a snapshot of what it is like right now with current furniture, the holes in the wall where we want to hide cables from view and the bifold door out into the garden. It is also a mess at the moment but who doesn’t love a good before and after!

We have ordered two sofas for the living space in a gorgeous neutral colour, a tripod Scandinavian style lamp for to the right of where the TV will be and a new TV unit. Our kitchen table and chairs are very Scandi so we went for the same theme in the living room furniture with similar legs.

The plan for the art work is to take down all of it! Poor Mr RV! We are going to put the 3 big posters into the spare room/study and create a focus wall. We are then going to get some natural frames and neutral prints up in the living space. We want more muted tones throughout. Our plants will all have pots by the end of the day, again I ordered these in muted tones. We have started to replace bits and bobs in the kitchen with more natural wood than dark wood and we have more of that coming today.

We are going to go rug shopping once the sofas arrive and find a beautiful, big neutral rug to tie the room together. We have seen some we like but we are keeping our eyes peeled.

You can’t see the huge pine bookcase we have in the room but we are going to get rid of that and instead, one of the sofas will be put against that wall. We would like to have more art in the room that storage. We will buy some lidded baskets to pop under the TV unit for bits like DVDs and just clutter.

So those are our plans guys. I am excited to share the process with you and to also get you involved perhaps with picking one of the pieces of art we will have in our living space. So exciting!

Head on over to my Instagram to see the big reveal and all of the changes that we have made.

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