Feeling Festive

Good evening everyone! I have been quite busy today planning for the festive period and purchasing bits and bobs for our home. This Christmas will be the first living in a home I actually own with my partner – I mean, fingers crossed everything goes through with the joint ownership before then. Mr RV has been so patient with me making Pinterest boards, buying things here and there on the joint account and we have been enjoying thinking about we want our little home to look like in our first home together this Christmas. I thought I would share with you what we have been buying and what is on our wish list…


I have never had a wreath before but I have always always wanted one! It took me a while to find one I really liked to be honest as I knew what colours I wanted and what I definitely didn’t want. I stumbled across Cox & Cox online and I am in love with their brand. This is the wreath we bought for our front door. We have a little porch so hopefully the rain won’t get to it as it isn’t weatherproof. We loved how simple it was and the greenery in it. You can find it here https://www.coxandcox.co.uk/new-scandi-pine-wreath/

Scandi Pine Wreath £30 from Cox&Cox

Christmas Decorations

We always use an artificial tree at Christmas and our tree was from trusty old Tesco last year. We already have twinkling fairy lights and some basic green and gold baubles but we wanted to purchase some more interesting decorations for our first Christmas together in our home. The tub of baubles are from John Lewis in the colour dark champagne. There are 30 in the tub for £10. The cream baubles are from Cox&Cox and you get 16 mini baubles for £5.50.

https://www.coxandcox.co.uk/new-sixteen-mini-baubles-cream/ https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-partners-bloomsbury-assorted-shatterproof-baubles-tub-of-30-dark-champagne/p4987044

Wish List

There are a few more bits on our wish list – some more baubles, a centrepiece for the table and a few more decorative ornaments. We would like to try and keep it quite minimalist but also cosy. I will be sure to update you guys when everything all comes together.

How are you getting into the festive spirit and what are you planning for your decorations this year?

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