Feed of Change

Good evening everyone. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am making a lot of changes to my feed and what I share with you all. Some of you who follow me here may never have seen my Instagram. If you would like to follow me over there too, then my account can be found below or on my home page. I thought I would just make it really black and white and put together a little blog post about what exactly will be changing and the reasons why. 

I have been thinking about changing up the aesthetic on my feed for a while now and was really worried how it would be received. I guess I was worried because every day when I see I have over 5,600 followers I still can’t believe it. The thought of thousands of you who followed me for a reason not being happy with what I am deciding to do now is a bit daunting. 😂

I will be continuing to chat to you on stories and share little bits of my life over on there too. I will also continue to share my favourite posts for my fashion hashtag #sundaysstyledinspo each Sunday. The way I share accounts on a daily basis will be a little different from now on and I will also be sharing more Pinterest boards with you guys for interiors and styling inspiration. Pinning ideas is something I love…lusting over all the gorgeous interiors and wishing I had the wardrobe of dreams so why not share them with you?

Over on my feed I will share interiors posts, style posts and a couple of lifestyle posts each week. I will of course continue to work with brands I am passionate about and I have a lot of giveaways coming up which you will all LOVE. I am trying to post a certain theme on a particular day but I will just have to see how this works. You will be seeing less of my face on my feed as I move away from #selfies and upload more uniformed styling posts alongside the other types of posts I have already mentioned.

These changes are happening solely for me. I want to put more thought into what I want to be sharing with you all. Even though my face may not make a regular appearance, my squares are not any less personal. These changes are not happening because of any other reason than I feel like a change needs to happen and now is the right time.

I am really excited about it all and planning my feed for the next two weeks has really given me so much joy – something I feel like I had lost on this platform recently.

Thank you so much for all of your kind messages and lovely DMs – my favourite bit about this funny little app.

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