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Good morning everybody 🌧️ It’s a rainy Tuesday here and I don’t know about you but I do love these days in-between Christmas and New Year when you lose track of time and continue to eat Christmas food until it’s ALL gone! I had a few questions over on my Instagram asking me how I am refreshing my home for 2022 so I thought I would share with you some pieces I have already bought and am using which are a little something new without breaking the bank. *this blog contains no affiliate links but some products are part of previous collaborations

Our home isn’t the biggest – it’s got a hallway, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and an open plan kitchen, diner and living room. Therefore I don’t need to spend a lot to change little things up here and there.

First up, vases. This little one actually is in a set of two from Dunelm and is currently in the sale. It is part of the Dorma range (which I just love) and it looks lovely just on the side on its own or with a little posy of flowers in for the spring Shop it here.

Changing up your soft furnishings is such an easy way of refreshing your home. In our master bedroom we have blue bedding which we just love so I thought I would add some gorgeous deep navy blue cushions to elevate it a little. I love the texture of these cushions and I think at £12 they are a really good price. They also come in loads of different colours. Shop them here. I worked with Cotswold Grey on a collaboration earlier in the year where I got gifted this absolutely stunning cashmere throw which works so nicely in our bedroom. At the moment we have a cream throw across our bed but once the spring arrives that will be too heavy. This one is such a beautiful colour and again, comes in different shades. Shop it here. I also shopped around and found some different throws you might all like too at different price points – Silky Soft Throw, Chenille Throw, Jakob Throw

I recently found a new love for faux sprigs and these from Marks and Spencer are just beautiful for all year round. I have actually popped them in a narrow top vase with a fig spray too I picked up in a garden centre and it sits on our chest of drawers. Shop it here.

Finally, art work. I have been on a journey with prints and art work and it has taken me a long time to finally find what I find to be timeless and classic. This absolutely stunning print from Home At First Sight is like painting. If you are looking for high quality prints which look natural and more like an actual painting, I would certainly recommend checking out what they have to offer. Shop it here.

I hope that you all have a lovely day 🤎

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