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Wedding Q&A

Happy weekend everyone. I hope that you all survived the heatwave yesterday. Today it is back to cosy cardigans & blankets on the sofa for a day at home.

I have had quite a few wedding related DMs over on Instagram so I popped up a question box. Thank you for all of your questions πŸ’•

How do you feel planning a wedding for a second time? Such a great question. I never actually had the first wedding I was planning and I have learnt so much from that experience this time around. I can’t really compare the two as they are so different but having planned the majority of a wedding before, I had a bit more knowledge about what I needed to do when and what was important.

How did you choose a colour scheme for your wedding? We are getting married in May so it purely came down to what flowers would be in my bouquet. Peonies, roses and lots of greenery will be included and I have shared some inspo over on my Instagram which are saved in my highlights.

What style of wedding dress are you having? The type of dress I chose for my last wedding that never happened is far from what I am looking for this time around. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks time so I can share more details with you then 🀍

Are you doing your own hair and makeup? Makeup yes. Hair no. My lovely hairdresser is doing my wedding hair but I have decided to do my makeup myself. In the new year I plan on going to somewhere like John Lewis and exploring the makeup counters. I know it wouldn’t be for everyone but for me it’s something I am going to really enjoy.

What about your first dance and your wedding music? We are not actually having an evening reception with a first dance and music. It is more of a chilled vibe with pizzas, drinks and our favourite people.

How do you budget? From the very start of the planning process, I wrote everything down and have already paid deposits on everything. We mapped out how much is needed for when and put reminders on our calendar. We have also been quite savvy with where we can save money e.g. designing our own wedding invitations, looking at high street shop bought cake, no wedding favours and the types of wedding bands we want. Weddings are expensive no matter how big or small so trying to save where we can has been important.

I hope you all have a really lovely Saturday🌷

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