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A Whistle-Stop Home Tour

Good morning everyone. I am so sorry that I haven’t posted something on here in such a long time. The last time we spoke was when I did a wedding Q&A over on my Instagram and collated all of your questions and answered them. A little update for you on the wedding front – I have my dress!👰You’ll just have to wait until next May to see it.

Now it is the summer holidays and I am on my summer break, I will try and post more over on here. I know I have neglected the blog but life has been super busy and I am looking forward to slowing down for a few weeks. If you want more regular content from me, then follow me on Instagram. Follow here.

For those of you that do follow me on Instagram, none of this is new but I thought I would share some snaps of our home recently in the hope to maybe inspire you. You can find all the details for most things over on my Instagram. *some items previous pr

Whilst I enjoy posting content over on Instagram, it isn’t the same platform it used to be. I mentioned it on my stories this morning that over the years I have followed less people and only those whose content I really enjoy engaging with. This morning ‘I was all caught up’ and that was such a good feeling. At times, social media can be far too time consuming, overwhelming and a place where I have certainly found myself comparing my home to others and feeling rubbish about my lack of growth. More recently, I have changed my way of thinking and actually just enjoy what I do – even if only 10 people see it 😂

Please let me know if there is anything you would love to see more of on the blog. I know some people sent a message about monthly favourites. I share monthly favourites over on my Instagram now and provide links over on my Instagram stories to shop products. I hope that is OK.

Have a lovely Tuesday.

Love Rebecca x

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