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It is time to close the chapter on 2022 with the last blog post for the year. I don’t have any ground-breaking new year’s resolutions, however I have some good intentions which I hope will bring me those small moments of joy.

  1. Read more. I have been collecting books for the last couple of months but to make that conscious choice to read over scrolling has been quite challenging for me this year. I’m hoping that in 2023 I can get into a routine as I really do enjoy reading a good book.
  2. Spend less time on social media. I am very aware of how much time I am spending online. I enjoy engaging with creators, celebrating others’ success, liking beautiful imagery and saving inspirational and aspirational content. What I don’t like is the culture of comparison be it unconscious or not, the pressure I put on myself to constantly post new content and the time I take to plan what I am going to post on my Instagram grid. Whilst I enjoy dabbling in this social media world, I can’t afford to keep changing things to inspire others and there are only so many corners of a home you want to see. I have been so lucky to have worked with some of my favourite brands and hopefully continue to have those relationships in the new year but I will be taking a step back, spending time with my husband-to-be, my friends and family and disconnecting.
  3. Travel. Since the pandemic I haven’t travelled abroad. In fact, Mr RV and I haven’t travelled out of the UK together. We are hoping to travel in the summer of 2023 and to explore new places neither of us have been to before. For me, there is certainly a lot of anxiety around travelling still – I am not a very confident flyer but I am so excited to set foot on a plane again!

2023 is also the year we get married. Our wedding is in less than six months! We also can’t wait for a few days away in the remoteness of the Scottish highlands – for us, the perfect honeymoon.

With all of that said, thank you 2022. It has been a difficult and emotional year filled with joy and love, sadness & grief. It has been a year to make me stop and reflect, to pause and reboot. May 2023 bring you what you wish for.

R x

2 thoughts on “2022”

  1. Great post – I’m completely with you on no.2 I often find myself aimlessly scrolling so I too have made the conscious effort to make my social media use more productive – like finding new blogs to read (how I found yours) ! 😀

    Looking forward to your next post!

    Rose | Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger
    @rosemaryhelenxo | https://rosemaryhelenxo.com


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