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August Favourites

Good afternoon guys. It’s that time again where I bring you a bunch of my favourite products for August. So without further ado, here they are!


First up is the Robinsons Crushed Lime & Mint fruit cordial. Guys! This is so good. It is the perfect summery drink and we have got through so many bottles of this. So tasty!

Next is the Wilkin & Sons ‘Old Times’ orange marmalade. I have always liked marmalade but this one is definitely my favourite. Since lockdown, I have really got in to having marmalade on sourdough bread. Now I can’t function in the morning without it…and a coffee of course!

I have been working with Dermalogica for over a year now as a #skinfluencer and every time they send me one of their new products it feels like Christmas. The Hydro Masque Exfoliant arrived the other day and I have used it three times already. This is such an amazing product with these amazing spheres which exfoliates with bamboo and hydrates with snow mushroom. You work the spheres into your skin until they disappear and leave the product on for five minutes before washing off. I am a huge fan! New favourite!

We found a new TV series on Netflix and we absolutely loved it! I watched season one of Dirty John by myself but we watched the second series together which is about Betty Broderick. So gripping and really good if you are looking for a new short series to watch.

I was kindly sent these products by Love Raw who make the BEST vegan chocolate ever! I had never tried vegan chocolate before but now, I would choose to get this instead of non-vegan chocolate. There was another one they sent me but I ate it before I got this photo! Pop on over to their website to see their full range 

This is my second Dr Paw Paw product in the last two months and I love this peachy colour. Honestly, since finding this brand I can’t believe I was using anything different for blush and a tinted lip stain. This product is smaller than the bright orange one I have but goes everywhere with me in my handbag. Such a gorgeous colour! 

I was on the hunt for a good top coat as I am getting back into painting my nails again! I found this one by Essie. It is the Couture Gel Top Coat and is such a great top coat for keeping a colour on. The reason why I never really paint my nails with a colour is because I hate when my colour chips. I have had the colour on for a few days now with this top coat on and I have painted a bathroom, got out in the garden and done other DIY bits. Not a single chip yet!

Indeora sent me their coconut and vanilla deodorant to try and I have been using it for the last two weeks. It is vegan and cruelty free, is a unique and natural magnesium formula and this bottle is supposed to last up to 3 months with 400 sprays. The smell is gorgeous! The one thing I would say is you need to persevere with it. I would also say that if you shave under your arms to not spray on straight away and to wait for an hour or so before popping it on. A very good natural deodorant. Thank you guys for sending it to me. Here is their website

Finally is this gorgeous loungewear set from Marks and Spencer. When I saw this I ordered it straight away and boy am I glad I did! I am living in this whilst at home. It makes me feel like I am dressed for the day but super comfy. You can also get a short sleeve top to go with the bottoms. I have linked all of the pieces below:

Marks and Spencer loungwear set

*No obligation to post or write about any of these gifted items.

How My Style Has Evolved

Good morning everybody. I hope that you are all well on this dreary Tuesday. The sun has disappeared yet again but I can’t say I am mad about it – I love the heat, but only when I have someone making me cocktails at a swim up bar.

I thought I would write a very simple blog post about how my style has changed and evolved over the past few years. There have been a number of different factors as to why and I wanted to chat about them.

Money. I was always really bad at saving and never thought it was as important as I now realise it is. I was throwing my money away on fast fashion and not really thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong – I still like to buy the occasional piece every now and again but I am a lot more conscious of investing into better quality items than an on-trend dress for one season.

Space. Honestly, it was ridiculous how many things I had that I would never pull out of my wardrobe and decide to wear. I kept picking out the same things over and over again. Now I have 1/2 of a rail for hanging clothes, a drawer for vest tops and tees, a drawer for jeans and trousers/skirts and a draw for jumpers – which is very empty at the moment which we will talk about in the next point. That is it and I am really happy that I have been able to condense my wardrobe down to that amount of space.

Impulse buys. This is a little similar to the first point but honestly my downfall was seeing the price of a jumper in F&F or Tu whilst out shopping and just grabbing it because it made me feel excited about having something new. Bloody jumpers! I have really stopped myself from doing this for the past few months and have thought carefully about my purchases. The three items of clothing I have purchased in the past month are my Jack Wills blazer which was an Ebay find, a cream fine knit jumper from ASOS and a black fine knit jumper from H&M. I bought these knowing that I would be able to wear them with all of the dresses I own, the blazers I have and they are items that won’t date. They may get worn out after a season of wearing and wearing but I am fine with that.

Staple pieces. I have always been a fan of prints and ditsy summer dresses. I mean who isn’t? However, it got to that stage where I had so many printed dresses and tops that I didn’t have anything that I could wear with them to transition them into a different season. I have started putting block colour pieces into to my wardrobe so that I can carry my prints through to autumn and winter. I also love to clash prints – over on my Instagram there have been a few styling posts recently where I have paired a red printed dress with a grey check blazer. It can work, you just need to have the right pieces.

Lifestyle. My lifestyle has changed dramatically over the last year. I used to live in the buzzing city of Munich where drinks after work and nights out were the norm.  Now, I enjoy the slower pace of life a lot more where those things will still happen but definitely not as often as they used to for me. I also wouldn’t say I have any ‘going out out’ type clothes. I would just wear something from my wardrobe and make it work.

Content Creating. Over the past year I have been fortunate enough to work with some beautiful brands who have kindly gifted me a lot of my staple pieces in my wardrobe. This is something I am very grateful for and definitely makes me think longer and harder about whether or not I need something else.

Sorry if this has been a bit of a rambly post but I thought it was quite interesting to share with you all how my style and my attitude towards my style has changed a lot over the past year.

Happy Tuesday again x


Good evening guys. How was your Monday? I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine again. Isn’t it lovely to have it back?

I am extremely excited to say that I am working with Monsoon as a content creator and this morning the most gorgeous pieces arrived, which were kindly gifted to me. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen I did a bunch of stories showing you how I would style up these pieces. If you haven’t seen these then head on over to my Instagram account and check them out.

First up is this gorgeous daisy printed midi dress. Again, to see this styled up please head on over to my Instagram account. The dress has a drawstring waist – perfect for cinching you in, balloon sleeves which are super flattering and and a tiered hem. The dress has been made with eco-conscious fabric and is very easy to wear. I got this in a small and I would probably recommend to size down as you can draw the waist in as much as you need to and there is still plenty of room. I have styled it up in this photograph with this gorgeous pearl necklace from Accessorize. You can find the dress here on the Monsoon website: Daisy Print Midi Dress


Next up is this structured shirt dress. What attracted me to this dress was it’s 1940s vibe and the stunning shoulder detail. The beautiful blue colour is a statement in itself. The dress has a point collar and a belt to tie around your waist. It also has pockets. I don’t think I need to say much more! You can find this dress on the website using this link: Plain Shirt Midi Dress Blue

Finally is the blossom print shirred blouse. This is so beautiful and has such delicate detailing. It has a fitted shirred bodice and these stunning sheer sleeves which are then gathered in at the wrist. The print is perfect for the summer and if you want to see how I styled this up, head on over to my Instagram. You can find the shirt here on Monsoon: Blossom Print Shirred Blouse

A huge thank you to Monsoon for gifting me these amazing pieces. I am very grateful and I will just be over here…staring at my clothes rail. 😍

*Monsoon have not asked me to write this blog. There was no obligation with them to write or post anything online. It is part of a gifted campaign.

I Don’t Buy Clothes Anymore

For those who know me, the title of this blog post will come as an absolute shocker! I was always shopping, buying something new every weekend, constantly ordering off ASOS and always looking for my next purchase.

Over the past few months I have more than halved my wardrobe and I am not rushing to fill it up again.

Fat Face, White Stuff, Sea Salt, Joules, Boden and M&S are my firm favourites right now and are the only shops I tend to look in.

Having less in my wardrobe has made picking an outfit so much easier and I actually enjoy wearing the pieces I have. I have worn the same dress on 3 dates, worn the same top to coffee with friends over and over again and when I went away I hardly packed anything.

Additionally, I have been more conscious of quality vs quantity. I would rather save for a specific piece that is great quality than just go out and buy three pieces I might not want to wear in a few months time.

What are your shopping habits? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Going Nude

I have always been a nude nails kinda gal. A pink nude, a brown nude or just a plain nothing nude.

Here are some of my favourite nudes for this season.

Revlon 165 Romantique – The pinkest nude of the bunch. Two coats gives a really subtle splash of pink to your nails. Quite hard wearing with a top coat.

Essie Spaghetti Strap – One of the lighter nudes I have tried. Very natural looking with two coats and doesn’t really chip with a top coat.

Essie Touch Up – The darkest nude. Gorgeous deep pink. With two coats it looks quite purple. Long lasting and looks beautiful on.

Anny 500 Opalescent – My absolute favourite nude. It catches the light beautifully. Very long lasting and even when it chips you can’t see it. I can wear this for over two weeks and it still look fresh.

L’Oréal 116 Café De Nuit – The brownest nude. Beautiful beige natural colour and very long lasting with a top coat.

Sally Hansen 220 Café Au Lait – One of the more natural nude colours. Sally Hansen does great quality varnishes and this one is no exception.

All of these nudes are really subtle and last well with no chipping. Definitely a must have for the spring season. 💅🏼

Featured #2

Over the past few months I have connected with some of the most lovely people. People are so friendly, real and honest and it really does feel like a community. It is so nice to find out about other content creators and their stories.

Here are this month’s featured accounts.

Name: Megan
Age: Twenties
Instagram handle: @idkmegsx
Why did you decide to start the account?: I love writing, not to sound too cliche. I like to share my stories, and give the raw stories that some decide not to tell. I like to focus on all aspects of my life and not just all the happier parts. My life has had many ups and downs so its a great way to document those, and also offer some comfort for people who are feeling a bit down in the dumps and know they are not the only ones who are feeling like that. I also love to share my embarrassing stories (there’s a few) and post a bit off fluff to as I don’t want my blog just to be negative. My blog is my outlet, but I also think it’s full of good advice too (or at least that’s what my friends tell me).
Top 3 tips:
1. Be yourself, don’t try and fit in with what you think is popular
2. Write when you feel like writing because that is the truest and rawest stuff and usually the best stuff too
3. It takes time to get where you want to be, so don’t compare how you’re doing to someone else, everything in life happens when it happens.

Name: Daisy Pineva
Age: 31
Insta handle: @daisypineva
How long have you been doing this? 2 months
Why did you decide to start the account? I have always loved fashion and putting outfits together made me so excited! I loved that different outfits would match my mood and that fashion gave me confidence to express myself! Just before Christmas I discovered Lorna Luxe on Instagram and fell in love with her style and feed and read her blog with her tips and advice on becoming a blogger/Instagrammer. I felt so inspired and thought if I don’t go for it now I never will. I had lots of stuff I had bought in the sale and that’s how I started! I feel so happy I went for it because I feel like I’m doing something that I have always loved!
Top 3 tips
1. First go for it! Don’t make excuses like I did for years and just do what you love! I know lots of people say the market is saturated and this and that but I fully believe there is a community for everyone who genuinely has a passion!
2. Secondly, engage with people’s content and people who engage on your post all the time ! Its like if somebody on the street commented on your outfit and you didn’t say anything back! So always be kind, grateful and positive and project that to like minded people!

3. Lastly, be yourself and let it come through in your posts! Think about what kind of message you want to send to people engaging with your posts. Be real in a perfectly fake platform!

Name: Charlie McLean
Age: 28
Insta handle: @charlielmclean
How long have you been doing this? So I’ve been working with/on social media for a couple of years, my business is mainly on Instagram, but have only taken it full time since September 2018. Then I recently decided to step it up a notch by putting out more content on my IGTV and then deciding to start a YouTube channel!
Why did you decide to start the account? I started this line of work because I just didn’t want to be stuck in a job for the next 40 years. I loved the idea of having freedom and flexibility, and being able to live life on my terms. I found a way to be my own boss and jumped straight in!
Top 3 tips
1. CONSISTENCY! Whether you want to be a blogger, youtuber, or anything else, you need to be consistent. Success never happens over night, it usually takes a long time of working hard behind the scenes before someone takes off. Keep putting out content you love and enjoy the journey!
2. Don’t compare yourself to others. When you’re working online/on social media, it’s easy to start comparing yourself to other people. You have to remember that everyone is on their own journey and everyone has their own struggles, just stay in your lane and be true to yourself.
3. ADD VALUE! Think how you can stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to impact others and add value, you will develop a loyal following. People will begin to look forward to your content because they are gaining something from it. You will end up building a community of like-minded people who will connect and engage with your content!

Name: Jennifer Sanchez Bastida
Age: 33
Insta handle: @jennifer_sanchez_bastida
How long you have been doing this? I found my passion for Instagram 1 year and a half ago. I fell in love with the platform and the ease with which it allows you to share your experiences and passions with a wide audience. At the beginning of this year I made a conscious decision to up my game by posting quality content daily, investing in an IPhone Xs for better quality pictures and experimenting with my style.
Why did you decide to start the account? I moved to London six years ago, from Barcelona and I’ve found this city to be a constant source of inspiration. I have been able to embrace and cultivate my strong passions for fashion and coffee shops, that I’m compelled to share them with my amazing growing insta family, who inspire me on daily basis with their talent, warmth and generosity of spirit. I’m so thankful for their support, it means the world to me. Moreover, I really enjoy creating content with my fiancé’s help who takes all my pictures and supports me so much with my vision.  We are both creative people( I am a film producer and he is a writer, director and actor) and recently we have opened our own film production company called Reality Break Films.

Top 3 tips: Let your personality shine, you are unique, embrace it and find your own style. Know your audience and engage with them on daily basis. Post content consistently (at least once a day)

Name: Megan Mills
Age: 23
Insta handle: @megannmillls
How long have you been doing this? I have been doing this for about 4 weeks! So not too long at all.
Why did you decide to start the account? Right now I am a college student at Utah State University going into marketing. I have always loved the advertising and design aspect of marketing, and actually had a really good friend who had begun her instagram influencing journey about a year ago. This fall I ended up reconnecting with her in a marketing class we had together and doing a couple of photo shoots just for fun! At first, I was hesitant to start a new instagram page because I didn’t necessarily want to put myself out there. But as a couple days went by I thought, Why Not?! I love fashion and taking pictures so it seemed like a perfect fit. And honestly it has been so much fun, I am so glad that I began to start blogging.
Top 3 tips
I am obviously no expert having just started a couple weeks ago but I will share the three main things that have helped me grow.
1. Engagement! Make sure to like and comment on other blogger’s posts. That way you will be able to build relationships and connections and they are likely to reciprocate!
2. Consistency! This was a hard one for me, especially at the beginning but it is so important to stay consistent with your posts! Try to post everyday especially while you are trying to grow and post around the same time each day.
3. Hashtags! I have found through experience that it is so important to use relevant hashtags! If you are going into blogging or fashion I could recommend using hashtags that are associated with that. That way you will be included in the community who also uses those hashtags.


Thank you so much to all these lovely ladies for their time. I really appreciate it and I love finding out about the people behind the photos. ❤️


Love Is In The Hair

Whether it’s simple metallic bobby pins or worded barrettes, these accessories can make or break an outfit.Hair clips, clasps, bobby pins and more have been around for a few seasons now but the trend seemed to explode when the New Year hit.

Here’s what I have found so far all between £0-15. Swarovski clips and some glittery slides from Accessorize, diamanté grips and metallic bobby pins and hair slides from Boots which I like to use a lot of layered up, leopard print and tortoise shell clips from Superdrug and a statement cherry design clip from ASOS. 🍒

If you’re looking to buy some beautiful vintage style hair clips, then get on eBay. They have some gorgeous statement hair accessories for bargain prices. I have two on the way for under £3 with postage. Urban Outfitters and Topshop also have a great variety but they are a little more pricey.

Putting in a hair clip seems like an easy task but it’s all about the placement. At the moment I have slightly shorter hair than I would normally have and I find it isn’t as easy to position. However, practice makes perfect.

Featured #1

Since starting my blogging journey I have been spending a lot of time creating my own content, telling my story and writing about what I love. In addition to this, I have also been really inspired by other bloggers and their content.

With that being said, I want to write a featured blog once a month showcasing bloggers and Instagram accounts that I am loving at the moment. These ladies all have their own stories and their content is just beautiful. From fashion to beauty, lifestyle to travel, interiors to make up – I wanted to share their stories with you because they are really worth reading about. Please use the links to follow their blogs and Insta pages. 

Name: Sarah Jane Hitchings
Age: 34
How long have you had @cotswoldscottage for?
I’ve had my home account for just over a month, started 08.02.19 (I’ve been on insta personally for a few years).
Why did you decided to start the account?
I was following lots of home accounts and find interiors really interesting. I’m proud of my home and thought if I shared it I would inspire more to make more changes and be bolder. 
Top 3 tips
1. Research similar accounts and look at what hashtags they use
2. Comment on posts you like as often as possible. It’s lovely to receive a comment on your post.
3. Take a few photos at different angles to get the right one for the post. Then leave them in your camera roll for another time. 

How long have you had @myunsecretmumdiary for?
About 18 months.
Why did you decided to start the account?
I decided to go into blogging because I wanted to share my struggles with depression initially, then when time passed and I became pregnant and happier I wanted to share my mum-to-be style. Now it’s mainly about the fashion because it’s my first love (but I still to and fro from mental health because it’s a struggle for me and very much important to me).
Top 3 tips
1. Patience, seriously. It doesn’t happen overnight. And it’s OK if you take a few breaks here and there, just cut yourself some slack and come back to it when you’re ready.
2.  Stay true to you- it’s not rewarding if you don’t do you. You can’t post about things you don’t believe in. Style is individual so post about the styles and subjects you really love, and nothing else! That’s what makes it uplifting.
3. Know what’s good and bad for you. It’s a learning curve. It’s all well and good following thousands of people but you want those people to really be other bloggers you believe in and enjoy following. Following a load of people that make you feel bad about yourself (through no fault of their own) because they give you major life envy or amplify personal insecurities can be addictive but it’s not good for you mentally. Focus on the people that make you feel good! 

Name: Kate
How long have you had @kandid_withak for?
I took an interest in photography 4/5 years ago, but just started blog recently – been a goal to start travel blog for a while now and finally had the opportunity to do so, with a bit of encouragement from a good friend!
Why did you decided to start the account?
I enjoy taking pictures and love writing. A few friends had been asking me for travel tips for various places across the globe so thought it would be a great idea to write a blog that can help others with their travels. I also found many travel blogs useful in finding hidden secrets of a destination and all the best cafes. 
Top 3 tips
1. Plan your time effectively to fit around your normal working hours – stay organised. 
2. Focus on area that you have a real passion for and make this come across in your writing.
3. Just do it! Don’t be afraid of other people’s opinions – if you enjoy it, then that is all that matters. Just dive in at the deep end!

How long have you had @erin_angela_xo for?
I have been blogging for for approximately two and a half years. I began my blog in the summer of 2016.
Why did you decided to start the account?
I’ve always loved makeup and fashion. I regularly read blogs and magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Vogue, which inspired me to start researching blogging. I decided to begin my blog as a way to share my own makeup tips, product reviews and makeup tutorials. 
Top 3 tips
1. Identify your niche. Will you blog about beauty, home decor or fashion? Identifying your niche early in your blogging journey is a great way to get started.
2. Don’t give up – Blogging takes time and effort. It can become frustrating when you first start blogging, but it becomes easier with time and practice!
3. An editorial calendar is a lifesaver – About a week after I started my blog, I developed an editorial calendar to identify when and what to post. An editorial calendar not only kept my content organized, but it was a helpful tool to keep my ideas and inspiration flowing. 

How long have you had @abigailkathleenlondon for?
3 years
Why did you decided to start the account?
I started blogging when I was severely depressed, I had read a magazine about mental health bloggers and a friend of mine Tanya is also a blogger. I decided to set up my own London lifestyle blog as a distraction, to keep me busy and creative. I fell in love with creating content, it allowed me to continue my photography as more than a hobby.
Top 3 tips
1. You don’t need flashy laptops and cameras. I have run my blog from my phone and iPad. A laptop does make life easier but don’t feel you need to spend a fortune on one.
2. Everything you need to know is free on Google and YouTube such as photo editing and SEO. I am always reading new articles about SEO through Google on my bus journeys.
3. Do not focus on what others are doing. Spend more time on creating content you love and the numbers and opportunities will eventually follow but be patient! Nothing happens overnight. I didn’t get my first opportunity until I had been blogging for 7 months. At the end of every post have a unique sign off and a little sentence to encourage readers to hit that follow button and a link to follow you on your preferred social platform (IG, FB etc)

Blogging is a community and a great platform to connect with new people. I am so glad to have found these women and hopefully sharing their stories has inspired you as much as it has me. 


When in doubt wear denim.

Versatile. Sexy. Casual. Denim is all of these things and then some.

With so many different styles of jeans – skinny, straight, boyfriend, mum – it’s no wonder finding the right pair of jeans can be tricky. My favourite places to shop for Denim are ARKET, Topshop, Oasis and H&M. It has taken me days of shopping to find the perfect fitting jeans. Jean shopping is different to normal shopping. You have to dedicate time to it. Are they too tight around the waist? Do they make your bum look too big? Are they too skinny? Are they too stretchy?

I recently made the move to high waisted straight cut jeans which I found to be so flattering – a bit different to my normal go-to skinny jean. In a darker wash denim, they are a perfect transition piece from winter to spring. Paired with green cami from ASOS and blue cashmere jumper from H&M.

My favourite pairs of skinny jeans – a light blue wash pair also from H&M and new in for this season. My black pair are from Topshop. I styled them with another cashmere jumper, a roll neck from Mango, tee from Daisy Street and a Zara blouse.

Top tips for buying denim:

  • Have patience. If you can’t find the right pair then keep looking.
  • Do not compromise on fit or cut.
  • I prefer jeans that don’t have much of a stretch to them because then they maintain their shape longer. ARKET have gorgeous jeans.
  • For good quality you should be looking to spend between £40-60.
  • Make sure your bum looks fabulous in them.

Go-To Beauty

It was only when I turned 24 that I really started to care about what make up I was using. As a student at University it was a lot of fake eye lashes, bad eyebrows, foundation that was far too dark for your complexion, the winged eyeliner that I could never do equally on both eyes and that shiny forehead that would always make an appearance after a night of dancing and drinking.

Now at the ripe *old* age of 28 I enjoy finding new products and brands, testing them out and spending a little bit more for better quality.


These are my go-to beauty products right now:

ICONIC LONDON’S illuminators – in my opinion, these are the best liquid highlighters out there. Just a dab on the cheek can give you that gorgeous glow. Shades in photograph are champagne shimmer and pink pearl.

L’Oreal Volume Millions Lashes Feline – I love trying out new mascaras. The wand says a lot about how it will apply. This is one of the easiest mascaras I have used to get a curl, volume and no clumps.

Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Perfecting Primer – life changing. My make up stays on all day and I don’t need to reapply. It is silky smooth on the skin and gives it a perfect base.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner in shade Velvet Beige – it had been a long time since I had worn lip liner but I saw Emma Louise Connolly do an Insta story with this and absolutely loved the colour. I use it as a base on my lips and it keeps any lipstick on longer. I bought three – you know, just incase it is discontinued…

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Shade 17 – perfect for every day wear. Gorgeous pinky nude colour and feels so velvety and soft on the lips.

L’Oreal Bonjour Nudista Awakening Skin Tint in medium – I mix this with my moisturiser for a base before blush and bronzer.

No 7 Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm – for those no make up days, this is perfect. It is light weight and more like a tinted moisturiser.

L’Oreal Le Blush in shade peach – pop of colour for spring with this gorgeous blush.

Make up bag is by Lily England. Couldn’t resist the marble print and rose gold accents! So beautiful.


Those are go-to beauty products right now! It chops and changes every now and again so if this blog is something you’re interested in then watch this space for more content similar. I have to admit that my make up drawer does need some TLC…where is Marie Kondo when you need her?

May your day be as flawless as your make up.

*I am recommending these products because I want to. I have not been asked to by brands*