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What Is Love?

I have never been an advocate for or a believer in love at first sight. It is something I believe I have never experienced in the past. So let me ask you – what is love to you and how do you know when it’s right?

To me, love feels like home. It’s knowing that through it all that person will be there for you no matter what. It’s about being a best friend and smiling and laughing so much everyday that your cheeks hurt. It’s sharing your secrets and your fears. It’s about compromise and supporting one another to achieve your dreams. It’s about making new dreams together. It’s constantly finding yourself thinking about him and your heart skipping a beat at every thought.

Tomorrow marks 3 months since my ex began the process of breaking off our engagement. It might not sound like a long period of time but it is all the time I needed to see that what I believe love is wasn’t the same for him. Isn’t hindsight a beautiful thing…

‘When you know, you know!’ – a phrase that I never believed in. Until perhaps now.

Just Go With It…

Over the past week I have really enjoyed just being home. I feel happier than ever and I have accepted what happened with my ex and I can move on. Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will. And that is OK.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, meeting new people, seeing new places and just going with the flow.

“Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens.” – Carrie Bradshaw

Now, can someone pass the gin please?

What Do Men Want?

In the film ‘What Women Want’, Mel Gibson discovers that he has this ability to be able to hear women’s inner thoughts. Well wouldn’t that be useful hey!? So, that is my question to you ladies – what do men want?

The List

We’ve all made a list at some point in our lives (or several!) of personality traits and mutual interests we want our man to have. Not to mention of course those deal breakers we have that we absolutely 100% will never budge on. So why do we sometimes find ourselves making exceptions? Is it because we can’t seem to find someone who can check off all twenty, thirty or a hundred tick boxes? Is it because we get so fed up of looking for that ‘perfect’ man that we settle? Does the ‘perfect’ guy just not exist?

I am guilty of straying from my list and whilst being single after six years can be pretty daunting and can feel a bit rubbish at times, it definitely isn’t worth ten bad dates with men who have no ticks on the list.

That brings me to the question – do men do the same? Do they have a list and if so what do men add to it?

The First Date

What do men want from a first date? I haven’t been on a first date in over six years and I can’t really say I am overly thrilled about the prospect of one. Will we get on well? Will I fancy him? Will he make me laugh? Will he be shorter in real life than stated in his bio? Blah blah blah…

Do men even think about all of the above or are they just in it for a good time and perhaps a cheeky snog at the end of the night or even more?

The Aftermath

Right, seriously guys – after a date has gone well and there’s been flirting, banter and you have both had a great time, why is it that sometimes you never hear from them again? You start thinking about what you did wrong, what could have been the reason and whether it was because you had something stuck in your teeth the whole night.

What do men want after the date? The chase? The game? Whatever happened to just arranging a second date and the occasional text back and forth in the meantime?


Perhaps you’re in a loving relationship, you know your man so well and you know exactly how to make one another happy. Perhaps you have just been out on a few dates with a guy and you aren’t sure yet where it will go. Perhaps you are still looking for your ‘list guy’ (hey, that’s me). After everything I have had to deal with recently the only thing I do know is that if a man wants a woman he can turn on and off like a light switch, then run in the other direction. But if a guy really does want you, he will never give another man the opportunity to get you. 💕

Little Things

People watching with a mug of coffee, snuggling up in front of an open fire, sunshine on a long walk or your favourite song on the radio. The little things in our lives can make the biggest difference. But do we enjoy the little things more with someone else?

I am definitely a girl who enjoys her own company and who is happy spending time alone. But obviously I would much prefer to snuggle up with someone in front of an open fire.

It’s easy to feel apprehensive and a little bit nervous about the prospect of sharing the little things with another person when you’ve been so let down and promises have been broken. You question everything. That wall gets rebuilt and it is even stronger than before. But if we do that, how can we ever expect to let anyone new in?

My walls may be built but there are plenty of windows to let that sunshine in.

Featured #2

Over the past few months I have connected with some of the most lovely people. People are so friendly, real and honest and it really does feel like a community. It is so nice to find out about other content creators and their stories.

Here are this month’s featured accounts.

Name: Megan
Age: Twenties
Instagram handle: @idkmegsx
Why did you decide to start the account?: I love writing, not to sound too cliche. I like to share my stories, and give the raw stories that some decide not to tell. I like to focus on all aspects of my life and not just all the happier parts. My life has had many ups and downs so its a great way to document those, and also offer some comfort for people who are feeling a bit down in the dumps and know they are not the only ones who are feeling like that. I also love to share my embarrassing stories (there’s a few) and post a bit off fluff to as I don’t want my blog just to be negative. My blog is my outlet, but I also think it’s full of good advice too (or at least that’s what my friends tell me).
Top 3 tips:
1. Be yourself, don’t try and fit in with what you think is popular
2. Write when you feel like writing because that is the truest and rawest stuff and usually the best stuff too
3. It takes time to get where you want to be, so don’t compare how you’re doing to someone else, everything in life happens when it happens.

Name: Daisy Pineva
Age: 31
Insta handle: @daisypineva
How long have you been doing this? 2 months
Why did you decide to start the account? I have always loved fashion and putting outfits together made me so excited! I loved that different outfits would match my mood and that fashion gave me confidence to express myself! Just before Christmas I discovered Lorna Luxe on Instagram and fell in love with her style and feed and read her blog with her tips and advice on becoming a blogger/Instagrammer. I felt so inspired and thought if I don’t go for it now I never will. I had lots of stuff I had bought in the sale and that’s how I started! I feel so happy I went for it because I feel like I’m doing something that I have always loved!
Top 3 tips
1. First go for it! Don’t make excuses like I did for years and just do what you love! I know lots of people say the market is saturated and this and that but I fully believe there is a community for everyone who genuinely has a passion!
2. Secondly, engage with people’s content and people who engage on your post all the time ! Its like if somebody on the street commented on your outfit and you didn’t say anything back! So always be kind, grateful and positive and project that to like minded people!

3. Lastly, be yourself and let it come through in your posts! Think about what kind of message you want to send to people engaging with your posts. Be real in a perfectly fake platform!

Name: Charlie McLean
Age: 28
Insta handle: @charlielmclean
How long have you been doing this? So I’ve been working with/on social media for a couple of years, my business is mainly on Instagram, but have only taken it full time since September 2018. Then I recently decided to step it up a notch by putting out more content on my IGTV and then deciding to start a YouTube channel!
Why did you decide to start the account? I started this line of work because I just didn’t want to be stuck in a job for the next 40 years. I loved the idea of having freedom and flexibility, and being able to live life on my terms. I found a way to be my own boss and jumped straight in!
Top 3 tips
1. CONSISTENCY! Whether you want to be a blogger, youtuber, or anything else, you need to be consistent. Success never happens over night, it usually takes a long time of working hard behind the scenes before someone takes off. Keep putting out content you love and enjoy the journey!
2. Don’t compare yourself to others. When you’re working online/on social media, it’s easy to start comparing yourself to other people. You have to remember that everyone is on their own journey and everyone has their own struggles, just stay in your lane and be true to yourself.
3. ADD VALUE! Think how you can stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to impact others and add value, you will develop a loyal following. People will begin to look forward to your content because they are gaining something from it. You will end up building a community of like-minded people who will connect and engage with your content!

Name: Jennifer Sanchez Bastida
Age: 33
Insta handle: @jennifer_sanchez_bastida
How long you have been doing this? I found my passion for Instagram 1 year and a half ago. I fell in love with the platform and the ease with which it allows you to share your experiences and passions with a wide audience. At the beginning of this year I made a conscious decision to up my game by posting quality content daily, investing in an IPhone Xs for better quality pictures and experimenting with my style.
Why did you decide to start the account? I moved to London six years ago, from Barcelona and I’ve found this city to be a constant source of inspiration. I have been able to embrace and cultivate my strong passions for fashion and coffee shops, that I’m compelled to share them with my amazing growing insta family, who inspire me on daily basis with their talent, warmth and generosity of spirit. I’m so thankful for their support, it means the world to me. Moreover, I really enjoy creating content with my fiancé’s help who takes all my pictures and supports me so much with my vision.  We are both creative people( I am a film producer and he is a writer, director and actor) and recently we have opened our own film production company called Reality Break Films.

Top 3 tips: Let your personality shine, you are unique, embrace it and find your own style. Know your audience and engage with them on daily basis. Post content consistently (at least once a day)

Name: Megan Mills
Age: 23
Insta handle: @megannmillls
How long have you been doing this? I have been doing this for about 4 weeks! So not too long at all.
Why did you decide to start the account? Right now I am a college student at Utah State University going into marketing. I have always loved the advertising and design aspect of marketing, and actually had a really good friend who had begun her instagram influencing journey about a year ago. This fall I ended up reconnecting with her in a marketing class we had together and doing a couple of photo shoots just for fun! At first, I was hesitant to start a new instagram page because I didn’t necessarily want to put myself out there. But as a couple days went by I thought, Why Not?! I love fashion and taking pictures so it seemed like a perfect fit. And honestly it has been so much fun, I am so glad that I began to start blogging.
Top 3 tips
I am obviously no expert having just started a couple weeks ago but I will share the three main things that have helped me grow.
1. Engagement! Make sure to like and comment on other blogger’s posts. That way you will be able to build relationships and connections and they are likely to reciprocate!
2. Consistency! This was a hard one for me, especially at the beginning but it is so important to stay consistent with your posts! Try to post everyday especially while you are trying to grow and post around the same time each day.
3. Hashtags! I have found through experience that it is so important to use relevant hashtags! If you are going into blogging or fashion I could recommend using hashtags that are associated with that. That way you will be included in the community who also uses those hashtags.


Thank you so much to all these lovely ladies for their time. I really appreciate it and I love finding out about the people behind the photos. ❤️


Lessons Learnt

In a relationship we try our absolute best to make the other happy through compromise, love and commitment. But what happens when your best isn’t good enough?

Whilst I have not had the best experience of a relationship recently, I am also not cynical about them. Every relationship you ever have is unique and different to the other. You learn a lot from each and every one. It’s just unfortunate that this time around all of the above was actually never reciprocated.

You just have to accept that the wrong person will never appreciate you, no matter how hard you try. 🖤

Home Again

I have only been back in the UK for less than a day and I’ve already had a Greggs, Branston pickle and a pork pie, chatted away to a nice old guy on the train and had a nice cup of English breakfast tea brewed perfectly. Priorities.

I will be Marie Kondo’ing my life yet again when all of my stuff arrives. But for now I’m just going to spend the next few days adjusting to home. Easy to do when there’s a Daisy!

The path I could have taken, that looked great through rose-tinted glasses, has been on my mind a bit today. Inevitable I guess. Boy am I glad I took those glasses off because everything is so much clearer now and I am so happy.

Now, where’s the Prosecco? 

Soul Mates

Sometimes everything hits you all at once. You lose a relationship, leave a job, move country and have to say goodbye to people you’ve met that you love.

Through all the ups and downs I can honestly say that living here has been the most amazing experience of my life. Turns out the way this chapter of my life has ended was actually the way it was supposed to end. I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

I spent tonight with the most incredible women who have been the most wonderful friends. They say that in relationships you find your soul mate. I lost a relationship but I gained a whole bunch of soul mates. I feel so lucky to have found people in my life that make saying goodbye so difficult. But hey, it’s never really goodbye to those who you truly love – it’s just a ‘see you soon’.



Ready or Not?

With only a few more days until the big move back to the UK, it’s been a bit of an emotional week so far. But sometimes your life has to be turned upside down in order to see it the right way up.

In no way am I completely ready for any of the things that I am dealing with at the moment. Moving back, moving on and moving forwards are all things that will take time. But are we ever ready? Are we ever ready for change?

You know, it’s so easy to look at an edit of someone’s life and make a judgement. Especially when I am writing about it on such an open platform. Sharing my story is something I never thought I would do. Yes I write about relationships, offer my opinion on how to deal with break ups and share my experiences but honestly, every day has been a struggle in some way.

No matter how many songs you listen to about being a strong, independent woman, how many gins you have, how many girls nights out you go on, how many guys you might fancy or meet, how many episodes of SATC you watch (yes! I have a problem) or how many blog posts you write that make it seem like you’re ok – you aren’t. And that will just have to be fine for now.


After a bad breakup, time is something we should give ourselves. Time to heal, reflect and feel ready to move on. But how much time is enough time? Is there a rule for how much time should pass before we do begin to move on? Or should we make our own rules?

It could take weeks, months or even longer to feel like you’ve had enough time. But life doesn’t wait and I think the most important thing is knowing what is right for you. Friends might offer their opinions but your gut knows what’s up so trust it.

Right now, I’m not entirely sure where I’m at. The two things I am sure of though are that I don’t feel guilty about the idea of moving on and I won’t apologise for it.