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What Do Men Want?

In the film ‘What Women Want’, Mel Gibson discovers that he has this ability to be able to hear women’s inner thoughts. Well wouldn’t that be useful hey!? So, that is my question to you ladies – what do men want?

The List

We’ve all made a list at some point in our lives (or several!) of personality traits and mutual interests we want our man to have. Not to mention of course those deal breakers we have that we absolutely 100% will never budge on. So why do we sometimes find ourselves making exceptions? Is it because we can’t seem to find someone who can check off all twenty, thirty or a hundred tick boxes? Is it because we get so fed up of looking for that ‘perfect’ man that we settle? Does the ‘perfect’ guy just not exist?

I am guilty of straying from my list and whilst being single after six years can be pretty daunting and can feel a bit rubbish at times, it definitely isn’t worth ten bad dates with men who have no ticks on the list.

That brings me to the question – do men do the same? Do they have a list and if so what do men add to it?

The First Date

What do men want from a first date? I haven’t been on a first date in over six years and I can’t really say I am overly thrilled about the prospect of one. Will we get on well? Will I fancy him? Will he make me laugh? Will he be shorter in real life than stated in his bio? Blah blah blah…

Do men even think about all of the above or are they just in it for a good time and perhaps a cheeky snog at the end of the night or even more?

The Aftermath

Right, seriously guys – after a date has gone well and there’s been flirting, banter and you have both had a great time, why is it that sometimes you never hear from them again? You start thinking about what you did wrong, what could have been the reason and whether it was because you had something stuck in your teeth the whole night.

What do men want after the date? The chase? The game? Whatever happened to just arranging a second date and the occasional text back and forth in the meantime?


Perhaps you’re in a loving relationship, you know your man so well and you know exactly how to make one another happy. Perhaps you have just been out on a few dates with a guy and you aren’t sure yet where it will go. Perhaps you are still looking for your ‘list guy’ (hey, that’s me). After everything I have had to deal with recently the only thing I do know is that if a man wants a woman he can turn on and off like a light switch, then run in the other direction. But if a guy really does want you, he will never give another man the opportunity to get you. 💕