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A Timeless Wardrobe – Dress Edition

Good afternoon and what a rainy Sunday it is! 🌧️ My garden is certainly enjoying this rain however I am not and just want to wear some of the summer dresses I am going to mention in my blog post today.

I asked over on my Instagram what you wanted to read next on the blog and it was a toss up between this blog post and one all about garden party dresses. I thought that garden parties could wait seeing as this weather isn’t bringing the summer vibes! Therefore, here it is – how to create a timeless wardrobe when picking dresses. I’m going to give you some tips when choosing the right dress and talk about how I select mine. *This post contains PR products and all dresses are tagged over on my Instagram.

My dress collection is what you can see on the left in the image above. It used to be larger but I found I was just wearing the same items over and over again and I much preferred to do that. I am extremely fortunate to have worked with a number of brands like Oliver Bonas, Crew Clothing and Phase Eight where I receive items and in turn, take photographs for you guys and show you how I style the pieces up. But how do you create that timeless collection?

It has taken me years to get my dresses right but I finally started to pick pieces that work with my body shape and height. I am only 5″3 and have a long torso rather than long legs. Therefore, a midi dress is way more flattering on me than a mini. I also can’t just eat anything anymore and not see it appear somewhere on my body so I think about the areas I prefer to cover up and for me that’s my tummy and my arms. Instead, I am quite busty so I tend to accentuate that area with the style of dress I choose – a cinched-in-waist or elasticated bust works really well for me 📷

Colours and prints are something to be really mindful of. I have always been a ditsy print kind of girl and in my wardrobe I have a whole heap of different coloured dresses from reds and purples to blacks and pinks. My go-to colours are blues and greens as they complement my accessories more. I have one trench coat which is a print and I would wear that with all of my dresses, regardless of clashing prints. My shoes and trainers are extremely minimalistic and can be worn with anything too.

Less is more. I am extremely conscious of the amount of dresses I accumulate. Like I mentioned before, I am very lucky to work with brands as part of my content creation. In the past, I have turned down partnerships and collaborations if it wasn’t something I would wear over and over again. Yes, I post midi dresses over on my Instagram account but it isn’t realistic to have a new dress every other day! Who has the money for that? 💰 For me, to create that timeless collection, you need to be really sure about a piece – invest in longer term items rather than fast fashion.

It took me a while and only now at the age of 30 do I feel confident and comfortable in my wardrobe. I also choose my dresses thinking about all seasons and qill only pick it if I can see myself wearing it in every kind of weather. Can I style it up with boots aswell as sneakers? Will it work with a jumper layered over the top or a chunky knit?

Finally, I’m less influenced by others’ choices and happier in what I already have and I think that is key to creating a timeless collection. Don’t get me wrong, I am the first to put my hand up and admit to having done this A LOT in the past but I guess my priorities are different now and I’ve been gardening and styling my home. Fashion has taken a bit of a back seat and I’m more than OK with that.

Whilst I give this advice, I’m no expert and honestly, like I said, it has taken me years to get to this point with my wardrobe and I would still reassess some of my choices even now. I still don’t own a little black dress! Creating a timeless dress collection is a journey. Enjoy it – dress for your body shape, choose colours and prints you love, pick versatile pieces and enjoy what you have!

Happy Sunday guys x

Lounging Around

Good evening guys. I am just signing off on all the work I have done for school today and I signing into social media. I can’t believe how many of you loved the Pinterest style board of the loungewear I shared this morning on my stories! I have had about ten messages today asking me if I had any recommendations for loungewear and let me tell you…I most certainly do.

I will start with a set that was kindly gifted to me from Pretty You London. Made from bamboo, these pyjamas are so soft, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, breathable, eco-friendly and thermoregulating. The style is so classic! I just need a hotel room to go with these pyjamas!

Next up is this set from Next. I love everything about this loungewear set from the print to the fabric and the fit. I went for a size 10 as I like my loungewear to be cosy and comfortable. I was very surprised to see some reviews were saying the top was too baggy. For me, they fit perfectly and I love a bit more room. This gorgeous dark green really compliments the blush pink undertones and I was instantly drawn to the design. Super gorgeous!

Now from two sets I actually own to a couple I have been eyeing up potentially for Christmas….(Mr RV, did you hear that?)

Top left is a tracksuit set from Misguided and I am just obsessed with sage green at the moment. You can shop the set here https://www.asos.com/missguided/missguided-co-ord-hoody-and-jogger-set-in-sage-green/prd/21161882?colourwayid=60144688&SearchQuery=sage%20green

Bottom left is a gorgeous Pieces lounge set in tan. I have never been a huge fan of neutrals but recently I have really been loving them. Here is where you can shop the look: https://www.asos.com/pieces/pieces-lounge-set-in-tan/grp/31490?SearchQuery=&cid=21867

Finally, my favourite set I NEED to get my hands on is this gorgeous pink set from Monsoon. I just have no words. Isn’t it stunning? https://www.monsoon.co.uk/floral-print-pyjama-set-pink-94457510.html

I hope that this blog has given you guys some inspiration! *None of these links are affiliate links. They are just me sharing with you what I am loving at the moment.

Have a good evening X


Good evening guys. How was your Monday? I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine again. Isn’t it lovely to have it back?

I am extremely excited to say that I am working with Monsoon as a content creator and this morning the most gorgeous pieces arrived, which were kindly gifted to me. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen I did a bunch of stories showing you how I would style up these pieces. If you haven’t seen these then head on over to my Instagram account and check them out.

First up is this gorgeous daisy printed midi dress. Again, to see this styled up please head on over to my Instagram account. The dress has a drawstring waist – perfect for cinching you in, balloon sleeves which are super flattering and and a tiered hem. The dress has been made with eco-conscious fabric and is very easy to wear. I got this in a small and I would probably recommend to size down as you can draw the waist in as much as you need to and there is still plenty of room. I have styled it up in this photograph with this gorgeous pearl necklace from Accessorize. You can find the dress here on the Monsoon website: Daisy Print Midi Dress


Next up is this structured shirt dress. What attracted me to this dress was it’s 1940s vibe and the stunning shoulder detail. The beautiful blue colour is a statement in itself. The dress has a point collar and a belt to tie around your waist. It also has pockets. I don’t think I need to say much more! You can find this dress on the website using this link: Plain Shirt Midi Dress Blue

Finally is the blossom print shirred blouse. This is so beautiful and has such delicate detailing. It has a fitted shirred bodice and these stunning sheer sleeves which are then gathered in at the wrist. The print is perfect for the summer and if you want to see how I styled this up, head on over to my Instagram. You can find the shirt here on Monsoon: Blossom Print Shirred Blouse

A huge thank you to Monsoon for gifting me these amazing pieces. I am very grateful and I will just be over here…staring at my clothes rail. 😍

*Monsoon have not asked me to write this blog. There was no obligation with them to write or post anything online. It is part of a gifted campaign.

July Favourites

Good evening guys. Happy Wednesday! I thought I would keep up with my ‘favourites’ blog post and do one for July. As always, there are lots of different things on this list from favourite hair care to a TV series. This is a bit of a long, chatty blog post so I hope you enjoy it.

First up is the NOUGHTY To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment Mask. I was kindly gifted some Noughty shampoo and conditioner previously and loved the products so much that I bought the mask myself to try it. I picked it up on Amazon for about £7 I think. I don’t have a hair appointment booked until the middle of August so I wanted to find something deeply hydrating and after just one use, I could see and feel a huge difference. The shampoo and conditioner is also absolutely amazing. The brand is fantastic with their range of products being 97% natural and they always consider sustainability. All of their hair care products are cruelty free and vegan. I can’t believe I had never heard of this brand before. If you are after quality and hair care that is a bit of a treat but won’t break the bank then Noughty is for you. https://noughtyhaircare.co.uk/ 

I recently moved in with my other half during lockdown. Now lockdown is over, I have found myself staying after he asked me to move in with him! To celebrate, we decided to buy some new bedding from a company called Beddable https://www.beddable.co.uk/. We opted for the navy striped core bedding set where you get the duvet cover, fitted sheet and two pillowcases. Now this was on the pricey side and the reason why we went for something a little bit more luxurious was purely for quality reasons. We also didn’t want something that would date so this classic stripe was perfect for us. When the bedding came it was packaged really nicely with a thank you card and care instructions to wash before use. They even included a face mask which was so lovely. Whilst we are on the subject of bedding, we also bought two new pillows from The White Company in the sale and some pillow cases and pillow protectors from Tesco. Head on over to my Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for the big bedroom reveal very soon.

Let’s talk about gold jewellery. I recently made the switch from silver to gold – not for any particular reason other than with my skintone I think gold looks nicer. When I was engaged previously I had a platinum ring but if I was to ever get engaged again I would definitely want something gold. This necklace was in the sale in Accessorize and I am obsessed with it. I was wondering how long it would take me to get into the whole gold choker charm necklace trend and now I have one, I want another! This was super cheap in the sale and I got it for £5 with postage! https://uk.accessorize.com/ Top is from Monsoon. Blooming gorgeous! https://uk.monsoon.co.uk/

If you don’t know what Jamshed is, where have you been? I saw that @inthefrow had recommended this in some of her vlogs and I tried to find it everywhere during lockdown without any success. After popping into Tesco to a weekly shop it was there, staring at me so I picked up a bottle and six bottles later, we love it. In my opinion it is a really easy drinking red and even chilled, it is delicious! Best consumed wearing a dressing gown with your feet up.

I feel like I have to talk about this just because I have been so into it, but ‘Married at First Sight Australia’ has been annoyingly addictive! I am not going to lie – I am a bit of a rubbish TV lover. I had seen snippets of this programme when they did a UK season so I decided to put on the first episode of the Australian version and I was hooked. Not to mention, my other half would chip in with comments now and again, pretending he wasn’t interested but really was hehe. If you fancy a binge watch then the first 10 episodes are on 4OD! 

I might have a slight basket problem. Honestly, moving in has been such a joy and it has been lovely looking for bits together to add to his home but how many baskets does one girl need!? I love these seagrass baskets. I use one as a bedside table alternative which is just super cute and easy to use, one houses our candles and room sprays, one is for extra bedding and the other is in the living room where our cables live to hide them away from sight. I need to stop buying them! I do manage to find them quite cheaply online or in Dunelm. Anyone else obsessed with baskets!? HELP! These ones photographed below are from Tesco but you will have to pop on over to my Instagram to see those when they arrive.

Anyway, I have rambled on far too much! Sending loads of love to all of you and I hope you have a fantastic evening. X