Wedding Planning: Venues

Good morning and happy Wednesday. A lot of you wanted to read a blog post about how I’ve found planning our wedding so far. I have also included some pins I have been saving over on Pinterest ๐ŸŒบย 

We got engaged in late February and we didn’t start discussing plans until a few weeks later. When we started talking about plans, we both wanted a small wedding in late spring/early summer next year. Then we started to search for venues.

My inbox was soon full of wedding brochures and emails from different wedding coordinators. We went for our first show round without knowing anything about costs. Even though this is my second time planning a wedding, I still made that mistake. If you are planning a wedding, my advice would be do not consider a venue that doesn’t have a comprehensive brochure and who isn’t willing to send you a proposal with all costings before you even visit it. On another note, we visited venues before meeting with a wedding coordinator. In some cases, we cancelled the show round just because the venue didn’t feel right for us. We will be going to see a fifth venue on Saturday with a finished proposal, a date and all costings there in black and white for us to discuss together. Fingers crossed ๐Ÿคž

Venue hunting is time consuming and there have been many setbacks along the way. At one point we thought we had our venue and our date to then be told about refurbishments to the hotel and that our date couldn’t be sold to us. Naively, I thought a smaller wedding would be easier to plan but we both want that formal wedding day and with that in mind, the numbers make no difference whatsoever.

I hope this wasn’t really boring as I am aware this type of blog post isn’t for everyone. I’ll finish the post off with a little screenshot of my latest Pinterest wedding board. Have a lovely day. X

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